We have officially launched our newest store...and we're happy you're here! Take a look around & provide us with some feedback on the store's chat option.
Check out all the amazing powerful merch we have for Cannabis Advocates, Patriots & all Warriors of Truth around the world to express themselves in other ways besides social media or other online platforms, especially with the silencing, harassment and targeting of anyone who does not fit the status quo!
It has been way past due for humanity to rise up against global corruption and this evil that continues the war on humanity, by targeting our daily lives with constant propaganda, deadly chemicals in the air, water & food, 
including all pharmaceuticals, hard drugs + EMF's, DEW's, HAARP, & other weapon systems that are in a constant war w/ humanity, on a daily basis, affecting our DNA & destroying a possibility for a prosperous future.
We hope you can find a sense of community here knowing we are aware of what is occurring worldwide and will never bow down to the evil system.
We want to create more unity in this world through accurate information, historic facts, evidence, and encourage a fighting spirit by living in Truth and connecting to the Divine (Light/God).
Thank you again for visiting! 
Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements to the store.
Please check out our blog if you have not already. 
Fellow Patriots, it’s with utmost respect, we dedicate this store to all those who have been in prison cells, mental institutions or any other form of punishment in the past or present, for speaking truth or for using the cannabis plant as a medicine worldwide. 
We Honor all who are serving in the military or have served, including our own family members & friends.
Thank you for your immense sacrifice.
We never forget you, we love you and pray for your safety...

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